We're Grateful

We've helped generate over $1 billion in revenues for our clients. We've also helped in facilitating and coaching the work of thousands of volunteers. We're grateful for the opportunity we've had to help them build success that lasts. more

Why Covenant?

We believe success comes through relationships, and there are no more powerful relationships than covenants. Covenants are part of the fabric of America, and they have been part of building many successful enterprises. more

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Case Studies

Read our case studies and find out key strategies for successful fundraising and organizational leadership. more

Fundraising Highlights

Sojourn Community Church Goal: $900,000
Amount Raised: $6.5 million (2 campaigns)
Actors Theatre, Louisville Goal: $12 million
Amount Raised: $13.5 million
Heuser Hearing & Language Academy
Goal: $4.5 million
Amount Raised: $9 million
St. Joseph Elementary School
Goal: $3 million
Amount Raised: $5 million
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